We, Fuzhou Richie Groups Company Limited, .Which is incorporated by Fuzhou Richie Electric Co. Ltd and Fuzhou Richie Optoelectronics Technology Co. Ltd.
        Fuzhou Richie Electric Co. Ltd is an affiliated company of Richie Groups,which was founded in 2002, focus on high-tech products export company, primarily engaged in High-voltage power electronic equipment, Solar energy products and LED products. And our customers are over Europe , the United Statesand other developed countries and the Middle East, Africa, Southeast Asia , the CIS and other emerging markets. Products are exported to over 50 countries and area, with 30 million U.S.dollars exported amounting one year.
        Owing to the global energy crisis, a threat to mankind better future today, to acclimate the market demand, Foucs on development, design, producte and installation Solar energy safety facilities, LED energy-saveing products .
        We have established a long-term technology partnership with a lot of domestic institutes and university. The core technology from Qinghua UniversityShanghai Jiaotong University and Xi’an University of provision of long-term, and to establish our own technology development team. Research and Development is strong and stable. At the same time,company relies on the Richie Groups’s Richie Electric Co. Ltd around the world sales network, always grasp the world of high-tech products the lateest developments in traffic movements and ensure the timely upgrading of technology and continue to develop new products. There are 5-7 new products put out every month.
        After severial years experience in researching and producing, we have overcome relevant baffling technical problems. Now, the performance of our products are perfectly. So far, the company leading products –Solar Stud –a result of high-quality, technologically advanced, full range, has been widely recognized international customers, selling more than 30 countries and regions. The LED traffic lights series, stable performance, technology has reached advanced domestic level. Our products are warmly welcomed all over the world.
        In the tide of globalization and international economic cooperation and competition coexist circumstances, Richie Electric uphold the people-oriented enterprises declaration, care of the people, love life their best to the development of high-tech products contribute to transport its own strength.
        We are sincerely anticipating the cooperation with you.Let’ work together, struggle together, for more roads to better going, for more people, more secure!

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